CA Pinners Conference Vendor Booth

Last year I attended the California Pinners Conference at the Del Mar Fairground. It was a last minute decision after finding out my sister was going. Pinners is truly a DIY/Crafter's dream! I signed up for various classes and of course shopped all the vendors. Along the way I discovered a company called Arkon Mounts. Arkon Mounts sells an amazing phone/ipad mount. I was looking at this because I started getting into Fluid Art/Acrylic pouring. I would post pictures and people wanted to know how I did it. I thought it would be neat to have the mount. While standing at their booth, lady after lady walked up raving about the mount. Each one talked about Chalk Couture. What in the world is Chalk Couture? Well, I finally asked one of the ladies and she directed me to a booth.

I finally ventured over to the the Chalk Couture booth, and oh my word!! I had never seen anything like it and was blown away by what I was seeing. Not only that, but I learned I could myself, sign up and be a designer. Which is exactly what I did!

Fast forward almost a year later and I volunteered to work the booth at the 2019 Pinners in Ontario, CA. This was such an amazing experience! I do small craft fairs and small vendor events but have never participated in such a large event. It was pretty incredible to see so many like minded DIY fans!

You may have come here to my blog from that event. I hand out lots of my business cards! I am so glad you stopped by!

I also may have told you my blog isn't updated as frequently with post but there is still lots of Chalk Couture info here. Whether you are interested in being a customer or if you haven't been able to stop thinking about Chalk Couture and want to be a designer, there is info here!

This link right here is a great place to start: What is Chalk Couture?

If you have question, just click on the contact me section and email me.

The Chalkalicious Charmer!

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