What is Chalk Couture?

Chalk Couture was founded by Tara Roark and it just celebrated it's 1st anniversary! Chalk Couture specializes in products that make it easy for just about anyone to create a beautiful work of art. How is this possible? With our innovative silk-screen transfers (think stencils), specially formulated chalk pastes, chalkboards and wood surfaces. These items combined, bring the world of  easy but beautiful DIY to life. Chalk Couture has opened up the world of DIY sign making for me and for you! If you are like me, you have walked the isles of your local craft store or the home decor section of your favorite one stop shop. As you walk those isles you see amazing wall hangings, Holiday themed designs and fun or sentimental sayings. They look like they came right out of the latest episode of Fixer Upper. Your inner craft diva thinks "I can make that! I want to make that! I should make that!" I have yet to trek down to my local hardware store to pick up the wood pallets, wood planks, chalk boards, stain, nails etc.. Oh, how I have longed to make those signs AND now I can and in less time then it would have taken! 
In addition to our transfers, paste and hard surfaces we specialize in a unique permanent Couture Inks (when heat set). This ink can be used on just about anything that can take the heat ie: fabric, mugs, glass etc. 

So you might be asking just how easy is it? Although, there is a very slight learning curve it is extremely simple to complete a project. You select your silkscreen transfer design, the chalkboard or other surface and paste/ink. After fuzzing the transfer (placing it on a dish towel to make it less sticky), stick the transfer on the surface. Make sure there are no air bubbles and then squeegee on and then squeegee off the  paste. Before the paste dries you lift off the transfer from corner to corner and voila, a beautiful DIY project. Take a look at my Chalkalicous Charmer YouTube channel. I have upload my past Facebook lives. You can also check out my Instagram where I have very short 60 second videos of my projects. If you visit me over there, please be sure to like and follow!  Curious about becoming an Independent Chalk Couture Designer, just click HERE

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