I ordered my Aeon Nova 14 from Aeon Laser USA


It has been some time since I have made a post on this blog. It is definitely in need of some revamping. I no longer

sell Chalk Couture. I really enjoyed the products and company, but I moved on to other things. I am still creating

but now I make glitter tumblers, various resin crafts and sublimation projects. When I started the world of

sublimation, I quickly learned about Laser created crafts. I joined several groups and watched a ton of videos on

YouTube. I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to own a laser someday. I had no idea a machine like that was
something available to just your average person. Throughout the year I saw a lot of posts from members in the 
That Mom With a Laser facebook group. So many cute and creative things are shared and oftentimes, I just sat amazed at the creations. I also watched many of That Mom with a Laser YouTube videos. She has several Aeon lasers and so through those videos, I grew to want a laser from Aeon Laser USA. The Facebook group has a variety of brands that are represented but through my time observing, I had settled on a Mira 9. Then recently my husband and I started seriously talking about making this purchase. I watched a video on YouTube that inspired me to perhaps think even bigger than the Mira 9, crazy right? I mean the Mira 9 is quite a machine but the appeal of a larger table just itched at me. Well, yesterday my husband and I ordered what I hope to be my "first" laser. I say first because I have big hopes for what is to come with this amazing machine. So, let's talk about the experience of my purchase.  Last week my husband called and spoke with a tech support person. He had questions about the mechanical side of things and the Co2 tubes. Then this week we began our conversations with Martin Camja, our sales rep. My husband spoke with him first about detailed warranty such as what is covered, for how long etc. We learned that although rare, if needed they will send a tech out to us. That was amazing to learn. We asked what the lifespan of the Co2 laser was, which is around 1500-2000 hrs. He was so great and very informative with answering all our questions. He was so prompt with his calls, even calling after hours. When I spoke with Martin, he was calling me back at 8pm, and had started his day at 8am.  By the time we spoke with Martin, we were pretty certain Aeon was the company we would be choosing but speaking with Martin helped to solidify our decision. They have an excellent reputation for customer service, support and the machines themselves are so impressive. When it came down to making our final decision, we really were won over by the warranty. It seems to be one of the best available. We also have an option to purchase either a 1 year or 2 year extended warranty up to 6 months after delivery. What really helped seal the deal was the tremendous holiday promotion that we just could not pass up. With certain laser purchases they offered a free Galvo Fiber laser and starter kits!! This will expand the things I will be able to do. With the Aeon 14, I will be able to engrave and cut a numerous amount of material from leather, acrylic, wood and more. It has limitations with metal but with the Galvo laser, I will also be able to engrave on metal. The wonderful thing with the free laser is that it will also include a 2 year warranty and support. When it came down to making the deposit Martin eased my mind and made the transaction as easy as possible. My laser will be in the pipeline soon but it will be a bit of a wait, at least 4-6 months. Until then, I will continue to learn as much as possible about this great machine and all I will be able to accomplish with it. There is much to say about lasers, but I have a lot of time for that and well, a lot of learning to do. In the meantime, I need to start updating my blog to be relevant again. If you are curious be sure to check out Aeon Lasers USA.

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