Good Morning Gorgeous!

Sometimes you don't realize how much you will like something until you start liking it. This was the case with the Good Morning Gorgeous Chalk Couture transfer. When I went to Chalk Couture's first ever convention, I purchased the largest convention kit that was offered. It was such a good deal and came with a lot of product for even less than my usual discount. It was an offer I couldn't refuse! There were many transfers in the kit that I just loved and a few that didn't really speak to me. The "Good Morning Gorgeous" transfer ended up being one I was indifferent about. Then I started seeing what other designers were doing with it and it peaked my interest. 

I combined the transfer with the cute "I woke up like this" design and it is my favorite project to date.

I used two black canvases purchased at Michael's, our Shimmer Copper Couture Ink (I love shimmer) and our Candy Apple Chalkology Paste. I don't have a picture but when I put the lashes on I had used a white chalk paste, it looked terrible.
Thankfully since our chalk paste is water based and the canvas had a coating I was able to wipe it off. I replaced it with Shimmer Copper lashes, much better! 

A quick google search of "Good Morning Gorgeous" or "Hello Handsome" will show you just how popular this little set its. With our transfer you 
My models!
can customize it to match your decor. 

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